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The TAU IJMB programme spans over 9 months and serves as an A'level course specially curated to equip and enhance candidates' capabilities, enabling them to pursue admission into the University. Once enrolled in the IJMB programme, candidates will actively participate in classes aimed at preparing them for the final joint examination, where they must attain the requisite points/grades necessary for their preferred courses.

Upon successful completion of the TAU IJMB programme and subsequent application for the JAMB direct entry form, candidates who satisfy the necessary criteria will be granted admission to the 200-level of their selected or eligible courses.



Greetings prospective students,

We warmly welcome you to the IJMB programme at Thomas Adewumi University, a 9-10 month A'level course designed to equip and prepare you for successful admission into our esteemed institution and other universities of your choice. Our dedicated faculty will guide your academic and personal growth through comprehensive classes and interactive sessions. Embrace this transformative journey toward excellence and fulfillment as you become part of our vibrant academic community.

  • Dr. Abiodun Ajibola



To educate and prepare University-seeking admission students in a way to gain admission directly into 200 Level


  • To provide a rigorous and challenging academic environment that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and intellectual curiosity.
  • To offer a wide range of advanced studies programs and courses, ensuring students have access to cutting-edge knowledge in their respective fields of study.
  • To maintain high standards of teaching and research, attracting distinguished faculty members who are experts in their disciplines.
  • To promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in pedagogy and curriculum development.

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